T-Mobile and the Support Loop

In General on October 29, 2010 at 7:56 pm

First,  I must say that I have not had an issue with T Mobile in the 2 years Ive used them.   My only complaint would be 3g coverage,  but even that is understandable as I dont live in any metropolitan area,  not even close.

Starting at 6 a.m.  this morning,  my phone started going crazy with text messages from an unfamiliar number,  10076200000, with the body of the message beginning with i9E554Hteq,  which means nothing to me.  The first reaction was to Google the number.   This lead me to two relevant links.   One,  on the XDA forums,  a user with the same issue was directed to look at a particular post on T-Mobiles forums.   The other relevant Google link went to the same place – several T-Mobile customers getting bombarded with sms from this same number.   Someone posted a link to a T-Mobile announcement by a forum moderator addressing this – basically it is caused by a SIM card improperly being setup for consumer email and causing TMo to send these faux messages.   The suggestion of this article was to call support to rectify.

My 1st call – Although hard to understand due to a foreign accent,  I explained my issue of having nearl 100 texts from a certain number,  Googling the number,  and being lead to the T-Mobile announcement advising customers to contact support for a fix.   Thinking he would at least ask someone if they were aware,  he instead asked me to call the number sending the messages and politely ask them to stop.   Immediately afterward,  he inquired if I needed anything else on my call today.   Well,  yes,  I explained again that it wasnt a phone number and that the forum post suggested it originated from them and asked if he wanted to body of the message.   He retorted that he wouldnt know what to do with it and to take the phone to a store for a fee.   No way,  the nearest store is an hour away and I’m no about to pay.   I then asked if there was any escalated tech support I could speak with and was denied,  being told that he could assist me.   Giving it another shot,  I recanted my story from the beginning and with the same results.   His resolution was for me to (somehow)  contact the originator of the problematic texts.

The 2nd call – After waiting several minutes,  I called and was received much better.   The woman genuinely seemed to understand my problem and appeared to at least be aware of this issue.   I spent the next 45 minutes troubleshooting,  holding,  and re-explaining.   Most of this call was unremarkable and what I would consider a typical customer service interaction.   Then,  out of nowhere,  she asks if I’ve tried lookong on the T-Mobile forums since they offer “a wealth of mobile phone knowledge”.   Hmm,  okay,  but those forums are where I found other users with this problem and the subsequent admin post informing us the issue is caused by SIM cards being improperly setup for consumer email.   Totally oblivious to me having said this,  she once again recommended I visit the forums.  I remained steadfast in my desire for a functioning phone,  thus prompting a lengthy hold.   She came back to inform me many other users were having the same issue (duh)  and that I would need to setup a new email account with my company.   Funny thing though I not only do not use corporate email on my phone,  but these messages were TEXT MESSAGES,  not emails.   The rep then said that she had made a change for me and to reboot my phone; she would call within 3-5 minutes to verify the issue has been resolved.

As I write this,  over an hour has passed and I’m still being bombarded by texts from 10076200000.


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